Carol Amidi - Painter

Life is a constant tension between chaos and order, moments of control in the midst of what cannot be controlled. Our relationships and aspirations get out of alignment. How do we bring any of it into focus? What matters? What can I control? As a painter, I try to find the tension between what I can control and what I cannot.

I attempt to do this working in acrylic and oil using brushes, scrapers, steel wool and other abrasives. I use the clearly defined against the vague, opaque against the translucent, and precision against approximation. A hand tremor I have developed in recent years has required me to explore this competition, this tension even more. 

I work in transparent layers and watch them take form slowly; scraping, glazing, adding, and removing. The definition is about and creating order. It says, "This part is going to be clear. This part is in focus." Both the structured and the unstructured bring transformation to things in life. As I work, there is a "re-purposing" of loss and chaos into transcendence.



1999 - 2003

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2003 - 2007

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